Shirley is the best and she really cares about her dogs as well as the puppies. She always like to get updated and I really like that as it shows she is a great breeder as she’s just not selling a puppy and then saying bye. She wants to know how it’s doing in your home and how much you love it and of course to see many pictures. I’m biased to my Charlie, as he’s the cutest Chihuahua around!

Brad, Charlie’s owner



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When you choose a Hill Country Chihuahuas puppy here is what you get!

1. A selection of AKC, champion bloodline Chihuahuas, long coat, smooth coat, varied sizes and varied colors and markings, parents on site.

2. Each puppy is socialized from birth.  It is introduced to grooming practices: routine toe nail clips, shampoo and blow dry, human play, vacuum cleaner sounds, radio, indoor play and outdoor play (in good weather).  We like to introduce different sights and sounds into your new puppies life to better prepare them for transition into your home.

3. We worm your puppy at 2,4,6 and 8 wks of age with Nemex 2 (Pyrantel Pamoate)

4. We give your puppy their first puppy shot at between 6-7 wks of age.  We use a 5-way shot that we have used for years.  It has never caused a reaction in the puppies.

5. When your puppy is in his/her 7th week of life, we take them to our local vet for a puppy check.  Their heart is checked, their fecal is checked, they are checked for hernias, their teeth are checked and they are weighed.

6. We have a Health Guarantee which is posted on our website for you to read over.

7. We invite questions before and after your puppy has left our home.  We encourage you to educate yourself online or through good reading on the breed.  If we do not know the answer to your questions, we will do our best to research it or direct you to someone that does know.

8. We are fast with our email responses.  Email is better than phone, but phone calls are okay, too!  I joke that I type faster than I talk!

9. We allow you to place the puppy of your choice on hold when they are made available, with a $200 deposit.  This is easy to do with the PayPal invoice and once it is completed, the puppy is on hold for you!  No one else can adopt him/her.

10.  We invite customers to our home for the very special pick-up visit!  The puppies go home, typically, at 8-9 wks of age.  We spend 30-45 min. with our customers during the pick up visit (and sometimes it is much longer).  We go over all the paperwork and shot record and hopefully send you home with a confidence in your new role of Chihuahua owner!

11. We give a $50 discount to repeat customers, even if you come back years later to add to your Chihuahua family!

12. We love pictures and so we send you lots when we do the puppy photo shoots, usually every two weeks. 

13. We are constantly educating ourselves about the breed.  We are always learning things and applying the knowlege to our breeding program.

14. We are a Licensed Dog Breeder in the state of Texas.  This means we are accountable to the state for care and upkeep of our dogs and keeping accurate records.  We are inspected by the state. 

15. We are AKC Inspected and keep detailed records for AKC.

16. We have been breeding Chihuahuas, only Chihuahuas (Is any other breed worthy of our time????) for 14 years.  We do not pretend to know everything, but hopefully we have learned allot in this past decade plus!  We hope the next decade will find us doing the same thing!

As you can see, we take our job very seriously.  We love our dogs/puppies and we love our customers! 


Hi Shirley! Diego is growing by leaps and bounds😃 Currently he weighs 2.2 lbs. Our vet Dr Jeannie, fell in love with him and 2 of the vet techs took pics of him! He has now trained my 8 year old pug to play and Frankie has trained Diego to take a nap once in a while. He has a healthy appetite and we have to be careful of having loose paper around as he loves tearing it up! Besides the 10 toys he has, he loves teething on hands😂. My son and I are besotted with love 💘 I am not the photographer as you are, you are marvelous!! But here are a couple of pics. He moves sooo fast!! Shirley, your home is my idea of heaven on earth. I never found such a beautiful, peaceful, and spiritual home in my life. Just being there was like a hug😃 Thank you for your website as I reference it for any questions and will reach out to you for any additional questions.

Have a blessed day Shirley!!

From Ruth, Diego’s mama!