Stupendous Sables!

We have many customers that ask about the sable coloring.  Sables can and do change as the puppy matures.  Black sabling is dominant when puppy is young.  As they mature the base coat of cream, fawn, or red becomes dominant while the dark sable can fade.  We have seen black mask begin moving up the forehead of the puppy and over the top of the head and disappear.  Below we have collected some photos that will help illustrate how mysterious this color actually is!  It is never boring and always gorgeous!



Starla began as our Annabella and soon she was placed on hold and her name was changed to Starla.  Here is her journey as a sable long coat! 

Parents: Blaze/Hero 



Gizmo began as Paxton.  He was placed on hold and renamed the adorable name, Gizmo!  As you can see his red undercoat became dominant was he matured.  What a handsome boy!

Parents: Katie/Maverick


Annie began as Aimee and was placed on hold and got a lovely new name!  I think you can see how the red emerged and the black sabling faded significantly!  What a pretty little girl!

Parents: Abby/Maverick 



If you see a striking resemblance in Diego to Starla, you are observant!  They are both from the same litter!  The fawn coloring became dominant as Diego matured.  Gorgeous boy!

Parents: Blaze/Hero



Brodie began life looking much like a black spotted on white puppy.  Yet, as he matured the red peeked out and each of his spots had an array of lovely swirls of color.  Brodie was one of the reasons I fell in love with the sables!

Parents: Abby/Maverick


This gorgeous creature was from Kaylee and Maverick’s breeding and as you can see her black sabling on her face faded, while her torso black sabling remained.  

Parents: Kaylee/Maverick


This little gal was nearly black spotted on white, but as she matured the fawn base coat came out and the sabling faded.  Quiet a change for this tiny girl!  So precious!

Parents: Blaze/Maverick


Miss Lola is often our “Cover Girl” and her mama loves to dress her up and take adorable photos!

As you can see the sable faded and the red came through!

Parents:  Jazzy and Maverick



Our very own AVA !!!

Ava was born so dark I thought she was black with white markings.  Soon, it became apparent she was a sable.  Now as you can see the sable has nearly disappeared on most of her body, except down her spine and the top of her tail.  She is fawn and cream these days, but we remember….

Parents: Honey and Maverick


Toula !!!!

Miss Toula use to be our “Molly” and as you can see her newborn photos are much darker than her adult coloring!  So sweet!!!

Parents: Kaylee/Maverick

Wilson !!!

Wilson use to be “Hawk” as a little one here.  His coat changed quiet a bit prior to leaving at 8 wks of age.  But as you can see it lightened up even more as an adult.  Very pretty boy!!!

Parents: Flowers/Maverick