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It is our hope that this page of Helpful Information will assist in answering many questions you may have.  An educated pet owner is a happy pet owner and we love information on this precious companion breed!  We are always adding new topics as our research allows.  If you have placed a puppy on hold with us, adopted a puppy or are planning on a future adoption of a Chihuahua puppy for your family, read over this page and enjoy!

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How to Place a Puppy on Hold and the Mailing List Details

When Hill Country Chihuahuas make puppies available for deposit, we do their photo shoot and gather their stats and at an appointed time/date, we send out the emails to the customers on the mailing list!  We try to give a 2-3 days notice of when the emails will go out.  This notice will be on the home page under the updates and on the puppy page, also under the updates.  If you view the home page every few days, you will notice these important notices there.

If you are interested in a Hill Country Chihuahuas puppy adoption, and would like to be added to the mailing list, just email us and we will add you to the mailing list!

When you get the emails for the mailing list of our “Available for Deposit” puppies, and you see one you want to add to your family and adopt, notify us ASAP via email or text (calls are not encouraged during the mailing list send outs) and be clear in your content that you want to adopt a specific puppy or that you want to pay the deposit on a specific puppy or you want the invoice for a certain puppy.  Because the puppies can be requested very quickly, especially the females, it is important that your wording be clear.  Our policy is a first-come, first-serve basis.  All our feed-back is time stamped and the first customer to request the invoice for a specific puppy, or request to adopt a certain puppy or request to place a certain puppy on hold, they will have the invoice sent to them to hold that specific puppy.  The deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable.  Make sure of your decision by viewing all the photos and reading the stats included in the emails.  The stats include date of birth, parents, when the puppy will be ready to go home, the coat length and the estimated adult weight of the puppy (based on the Chihuahua Weight Charts) and the pricing. (We never guarantee the estimated adult weight of the puppies.  It is impossible to do accurately when they are young and nursing.)

The deposit is $200 and once paid it is deducted from the total price of your puppy. (The final invoice will include the Texas sales tax. )

We collect the deposit through PayPal invoice service.  You do not need to be a member of PayPal to utilize this service.  Once you request the invoice to place a specific puppy on hold, we will fill out the invoice and it will be emailed to you.  We give you a reasonable amount of time to fill it out and when it is paid, PayPal notifies us.  If you want to adopt the puppy and were the first to request the invoice, but fail to pay the deposit in a reasonable amount of time, then we will go to the second in line customer that requested the puppy and make the puppy available to them.  Only deposits hold puppies.

We will send you a confirmation email and an attachment to read over which includes the “Items to Collect” sheet so you can begin gathering the items necessary for his/her arrival to your home!  

After the mailing list customers have had time to view the photos and read over the stats and make their choices, we will then post all the puppies, their photos and stats, on our website for the general public to view.  Most of the times, all the puppies have been placed on hold through the mailing list before they are ever posted on our website.  Not always, but frequently that is the case.  We use the mailing list as a way to honor those who have previously notified us and shown interest in our puppies through emails, text, and calls.  We do our best to be fair and just with our customers and we find the mailing list is the best way to assure that all our customers have an equal opportunity to adopt a puppy!

The only way to place a puppy on hold is with a deposit, collected by the PayPal invoice service, via email.  We do not take other forms of payment for the deposit.  PayPal is fast and for years we have been pleased with the service.  Our policy is that only deposits hold puppies.  


Helpful Tips on Mailing List Day

1. I try to send out the mailing list emails as close to 12 noon as possible.  Be close to your email at noon on the mailing list date. 

2. Manually refresh your send/receive button on your email.  Do this frequently.

3. When the photos and stats come in, read over the stats so you know the coat length and sex and estimated weight of each puppy.

4. If you find one you love and want to add to your family, then write that puppies name and something very simple like, “I want to place _________ on hold”.  You can write this in the subject box if you like. Getting that email off quickly is important.  Your email does not need to be wordy or long.

I must have clear direction to know you are requesting to place a puppy on hold with the deposit.  In the past some customers write things like, “I like ____________.” or “Tell me a little about ______.” and send that to me.  There is no mention of a commitment to place that specific puppy on hold.  I do not send invoices to customers unless it is requested by the email.  Calls are discouraged on mailing list day.  They may not be picked up at all and text are okay but not as good as an email.  Our mailing list is geared to emails primarily.

5. Remember your deposit is non-refundable so make sure the pick up dates are good for you, the puppy is the right sex for you and coat length for your wishes.

6. We do not guarantee sizes on any of our puppies.  We only mention the Chihuahua weight chart estimates.

7. If your email is the first one I receive asking for a specific puppy, I will confirm with an email that you were first and I am in the process of sending you the invoice.

8. Our policy is that only deposits hold puppies.  We have had people request a puppy, being the first person to request a specific puppy, and then delay paying the deposit through the PayPal invoice that we send them.  Often times there were legit reasons, but because we lost touch with them and no deposit was paid in a reasonable time frame, the puppy was then made available to #2 customer in line, and the #1 customer lost their chance at adopting that puppy.  So, if you are confirmed as the first customer to request a puppy and I email telling you the invoice is on it’s way, please pay the deposit promptly, so that puppy is secured by you and will not go to someone else. 

 Breed Information

Many of my customers are “Chihuahua People” and have owned the breed since childhood.  They know the territory, so to speak.  However, for those of you who are new to the breed and perhaps have never owned a toy breed before, this link may be of help to you.  It is honest and straight forward and will give you the pros and cons of this beloved little dog, the Chihuahua.

Before adopting a Chihuahua make sure it is the right breed for you and your life style.  We want our puppies to go to homes where they are life long companions and a blessing to those who adopt them.  Because of their longer life span, be sure the responsibilities the toy breed requires is something you are willing to commit to.  Please, whatever breed you chose to add to your family, educate yourself on that breed’s particular tendencies and characteristics.  Of course, we LOVE the Chihuahua breed and are more than willing to talk your ears off about their merits and the rewards of owning one…. or two… or three… etc.




Smooth Coat Litters

If you are seeking a smooth coat Chihuahua puppy to adopt I would like to share some helpful information here with you!  When we breed either a smooth coat to a smooth coat or a long coat to a smooth coat, the litters produced from this type of breeding can be either/or long coat/smooth coat.  (When we breed long coat to long coat, the litter will be all long coat puppies).   Since nearly 100% of our customers are very specific on the coat length they are seeking in their future puppy, on the possible SC litters, we wait for the 3-4 wks it requires to determine the pup’s coat length.  THEN, once their coat length is determined, we do their photo shoot, gather their stats and make them available for deposit.  So, the litters that may contain smooth coat puppies take a bit longer before we make them available!  I wish there was something I could learn that would speed up the process of figuring out their adult coat length, but alas… I have yet to learn it!  The old adage, “Patience is a Virtue” can be applied to the wait on these litters!


 How Much Will My Puppy Cost?



If you desire breeding rights for the AKC registration, there is an additional $550 cost for full rights.

Please, let me know ahead of pick up visit is full AKC rights are desired.  Thank you!



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Policies on Visiting

Because we are a family and not a facility and we still have two school age children in our home, our family responsibilities do not allow for “Introduction Visits”.  As much as we wish we could sit down and enjoy a nice Introduction Visit with each of our customers, talking about our mutual love for the breed and what they are seeking in their future puppy, we just cannot do it.  Caring for dogs and puppies and human children and family and home and yard, keeps us happily busy, busy.  Therefore, we do not allow visits for the sake of introductions and dog viewing.  We have many photos on our website to help communicate our values as dog breeders and our program and our priorities as human beings.  Feel free to view all our pages and read all our content and allow this to be  an “Introduction Visit” via website.  We have spent a great deal of time to create a website that accurately reflects who we are and what we deem  important and significant.

After a puppy is placed on hold, we do allow a no-contact visit prior to the puppy pick up visit.

We allow a visit for a puppy on hold, only after the first puppy shot has been given at 6-7 wks of age.  We do not allow contact with your new puppy.  It is a no contact visit.  We allow 30 min. for the visit.  Please, make sure that you have on clean clothes and your hands are clean.  We request that you do not visit Petsmart or Petco or a dog park or shelter prior to coming for your visit.  With only the first shot in place for your puppy, the risk of infection is still very real. Your puppies health is paramount to us!

(Because your new puppy will go back into the litter and stay with mom another few weeks after your visit, that puppy must be guarded against infection, lest he/she bring germs back into the litter after the visit.  Therefore, we request all visits but the puppy pick up visit, be no contact.  Our responsibility is to the health and well being of all our puppies and we know you understand.  Thank you!)


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What to expect after the Deposit has Been Paid

 We typically do updated photo shoots every two weeks and send you their pictures and any new information.  We also let you know when their litter vet check is scheduled and then afterwards, we let you know how they did!  After they have had their litter check, we will contact you about scheduling the phone consultation and the pick up visit!  We will email you the invoice for your records.  Payment is not due until you pick up your puppy.  We no longer accept checks. Cash is preferred.

The phone consultation visit is very important because we go over all the puppy care information sheets, the shot record, the registration information, the feeding schedule, and answer any questions you may have.  Please, allow 35-60 min for the phone consult visit.  This can be scheduled up to a week before your pick up visit.  We think it makes for a more confident new puppy owner to go over all the details before the big day when your puppy comes home!  For the pick up visit, we usually meet customers here at our home, but we have also agreed to meet customers at a different location sometimes.  We can meet in the north San Antonio area and we can meet in the south Austin area.  We have also met customers at the nearby airports if they are flying in to pick up their new puppy.  It has worked out well and goes smoothly. 

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Vet Approved Helpful Hints!!!

A friend’s veterinarian recommended this site to her!  I have found it very informative and helpful!  I think you will enjoy all educational material it offers.  It even has a page on dog behaviors with a long list of helpful information!   




This is an excellent pocket booklet for new puppy owners!

This book can fit in your purse or glove compartment, but it is full of helpful information for new puppy owners!  I highly recommend it!  It talks about puppy stages and what to expect during each stage.  It talks about routines and house training and food and fitness.  Adopting a new puppy is a big commitment!  This little booklet will help you get off to a good start!

One of the topics that I really like in this booklet has to do with the puppy’s growth stages the first year.  I think this is very helpful with new puppy owner’s expectations.  The booklet says that 8 weeks to 12 weeks is the “Magical Time” for the puppy and new puppy owner.  Between 12 weeks and 16 weeks is the “Terrible Twos” and between 16-24 weeks is the “Budding Adolescent” and “Puppy Puberty” is between 6-9 months.  They refer to 9-12 months as the “Trying Teen”.  I really appreciate their insight on these stages and must agree with their deductions.   Each stage your new puppy goes through will require patience and love.  We all strive to be educated pet owners and this little booklet has been a big blessing to me!



Dog Treats with a Purpose!

As a toy breed dog owner it is very easy to get in the habit of giving treats to your canine family members!  I would like to suggest you give treats with a purpose, such as dental care treats!  Toy breeds are known for having dental issues, so lets utilize our treats to clean and polish these teeth!  Also, during the teething puppy stage, dental treats can encourage those baby teeth to come out, so that in the future you will not need to pay the vet to remove those stubborn baby teeth!  Below are some products that we like to use!



Children and Chihuahuas

As our website photos depict, we are a family with children and Chihuahuas, so we do believe they can be well adjusted and a perfect breed for a family with children.  We do teach our children to be respectful of the dog’s smaller size and move with manners and caution.  Supervision was in place when the kids were younger and without adult supervision puppies were contained in the playpen.  As teens, our children know how to hold their Chihuahuas and groom them and keep them safe from harm, but accidents can still happen just because the dogs are small and underfoot.  My advice to someone with young children is to adopt a Chihuahua whose adult weight estimate is in the 5-6 lbs range or larger.  Overall, in the canine world that is still a smaller size dog, but they are more durable.  If your children mind you and are teachable, there are many lessons that can be learned in the ownership of a Chihuahua.  The teen years are years when Chihuahuas can be a BFF and offer unconditional love when perhaps the worls seems off balance at times.  Owning a small creature of any kind requires responsible pet ownership and educated decisions.  Be mindful of your child and their capabilities when choosing to adopt a Chihuahua for your family.  Some children are more attentive than others and might do well with this breed.  But if your young child is less than 5-6 years of age, and is eager to grab and hold tight to a puppy, you may reconsider adopting a Chi puppy until your little human child has grown more cognitive.  Even if you wait to adopt a Chihuahua when your child is age 6 or so, with a life span of 14 plus years, your child will go through their entire growing up life with that Chihuahua there to love them.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

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You are embarking on a new adventure: A wonderful, magical, warm and fuzzy experience of adopting a new puppy! Your new baby boy or baby girl will add lots of love, laughter and licks to your family!  Congratulations!
Here is a short list of items to collect BEFORE your new baby boy or baby girl arrive in your home!
If you have any trouble locating them, just let me know!

1. A containment area such as the puppy play pen we have included in our Helpful Information page!
This playpen can be found online at Amazon, Wal-mart and possibly other sites.
2. Diamond Puppy Food, in the purple colored bag.  Diamond puppy food is found only at Tractor Supply I believe.  I love this puppy food and it is smaller sized, which is perfect for tiny puppies!
3. Nutri Cal or Nutri Stat.  One tube will last you a long time.  You can find this product online or at Petsmart (they have their own brand). We can now provide you with a tube of NutriCal at the time of pick up. $10 each. It is the same brand we use here on your puppy.  So, if you would like this option and want to use what your puppy likes and is familar with, just let us know!  That may save you some time searching for the product!  Keep it simple!  Please, have this on hand BEFORE puppy comes home!  If you are traveling a long distance from our home on pick up day, please, bring it with you in the car.
4. Doggie bed.  It does not need to be large.  Ross and Marshall’s have lots to choose from at affordable prices!
5. Puppy pads
6. Food and water dishes that will not topple over, perferably joined together.
7. Pedigree canned adult dog food, ground beef and chicken formula, this is a new product suggestion.  We found that on occasion puppies were spitting up the Cesar’s puppy food, because it is so rich.  The Pedigree canned moist adult food is easy to find and it is blander than the Cesar’s puppy food.  Our goal during the relocation stress time frame is to tempt puppy to eat, as the dried kibble becomes a bit boring to puppy in their new surroundings!  So, now we recommend the Pedigree adult moist canned food (ground beef and chicken flavor) rather than the Cesar’s puppy food.


Puppy Dried Food

This is the bag to look for when you shop for the puppy food!  You can order it online through Chewy.com or buy it at your local Tractor Supply!  We have been very pleased with this brand for years now!  The puppies enjoy eating it and it helps them keep a good weight while weaning!

                                              Puppy Play Pen!

puppies 007past puppies 0281-camera 157

I LOVE this puppy playpen!  I recommend it to all our customers and I use mine all the time.  This one has held up really well and is easy to keep clean and to lift and relocate.  In the past we only had the metal playpens and they were constantly pinching my fingers when I tried to relocate them.  This lightweight plastic playpen is the perfect size and height and no more pinched fingers!  Inside or outside, this playpen is a treasure for containment needs!

IRIS 4 Panel Indoor/Outdoor Pet Pen Containment W35″xL35″xH24″, White

Walmart has it for $43.26!  Amazon sells it, too, $40.99 and free shipping!



  As a pet owner and breeder I battle with tear stains on some of the lighter colored puppies.  Our water may be the problem and filtered water usually helps the staining but I have also discovered a new product, through my vet’s office, that works well!  It is tastey to the majority of the dogs/puppies so they think it is a treat!  You can find it on Amazon and possibly Petsmart/Petco.  Before you spend a small fortune on tear stain products, give this a try!  I think you will be as pleased as I am!




Clipping Toe Nails


We have adopted many adult dogs in our life time and some of these dogs are confused about toe nail clipping safety and act as though their life is in mortal danger when we try to cut their toe nails.  This is no fun, not safe, and traumatizing to human and canine alike.  Therefore, as part of our socialization process, we begin toe nail clipping at 2 wks (or before) and then do it on a regular basis while puppy is here in our home.  We want to send him/her home where you, the new owner, are able to trim the toe nails without any drama.  We recommend these kitty cat toe nail clippers, rather than the larger dog toe nail clippers.  I bought these for $6 at the local feed store and I use them on adult dogs and puppies alike.  After nearly 7 years they are still working just fine, although they are just now getting a wee bit dull.  


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I love reading about the Chihuahua breed!  Many of my books are on breeding, but these books would be perfect for a Chihuahua pet owner to read and enjoy!  The book called “Chihuahua Guide” by Hilary Harmar, is older but is by far, my favorite!  I bought mine from Amazon and my first one was very used and held together with a rubber band.  This breed is so interesting and its history is rich.  Start your library today!  



Helpful Tips for House Training Your New Puppy!

We all LOVE puppies, but there are responsibilities that go along with adding a new puppy to your family!  House training is one of them and some puppies are easier to train than other puppies.  But educating yourself on this practice will make you more confident and the puppy a faster learner!  Youtube offers many videos on the subject and below you can click the AKC link for helpful tips!  

AKC Helpful Potty Training Tips! 





Dress Your Chi Baby in Style!

One of our repeat customers (owners of Max and Lucy) use  Martha Poteat to sew their Chi’s wardrobe!  Now their little ones have coordinated attire for all occasions!  The best dressed Chi’s in Texas wear clothes from

CozyPetz Boutique!!!!


Contact Information for CozyPetz!

PHONE/TEXT: 828.315.0298


Website: cozypetz.com

Email: cozypetz88@yahoo.com





Blow-Out in Long Coats

Long coat lengths vary. Some long coat Chihuahuas have thick and wavy coats. Some have more of a thinner, flatter long coat.  Some have a top coat that is long enough to braid. Some have most of their length around their necks, like a little lion. Some have amazing long hair around their tails. The length of coat varies in each long coat Chi.  Both coat lengths, the long and the smooth, have varying degrees within their coat length category.
But all long coat Chihuahuas go through some degree of what we call, “BLOW OUT”.
Blow out is completely normal phase your long coat Chihuahua will experience. The long coat Chi is not the only breed that goes through blow out. The Poms also experience this “Puppy Uglies” stage.
Around 3-4 months your fluffy, long coat puppy will “Blow Out” his/her coat. What this means is the puppy will begin shedding more than normal and their once fluffy coat will become sleeker and thinner.
They are loosing their puppy coat and until they are between 8-14 months you might be left wondering if your new puppy is really a long coat Chihuahua after all! This stage cannot be avoided and is totally normal. Your long coat Chi puppy is born with just one coat of fur. It is soft and very smooth. After the blow out stage has been completed, your Chi will have his/her two adult coats of fur: the undercoat and the overcoat. During blow out, your Chihuahua might appear lanky and ragged or even appear to be a smooth coat with only a few whispy patches of fur around his/her ears or on the back of the hind legs.
So, do not be alarmed when this blow out phase occurs. By around 1- 1 1/2 years, give or take a few months, you will see your scraggly, whispy little Chi puppy, turn into a gloriously fluffy long coat Chihuahua!

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AKC Registration on Your New Puppy!
The prices posted on our puppies are “Pet Prices”.  That means that their AKC registration is limited and without breeding rights.  If you would like breeding rights on a puppy, please contact us. If the puppy is the right size and has good breed conformation, breeding rights will be considered and if agreed, then an additional fee of $550 will be added to the final price of the puppy.

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“Relocation Stress” is anxiety produced by changes in location and surroundings.  In an 8 wks old puppy it typically last 48-72 hours.  In an older teen dog or young adult dog it can last weeks.  In an older adult dog, it could take up to a month or more for he/she to adjust to their new family and surroundings. It all depends on their temperament and how different your home is to our home atmosphere. Sometimes it affects dogs in the following ways: they don’t want to eat their dried food, they might not want to drink, they may appear either timid and shy and hide in a corner or they may be overactive and hyper. Sometimes the anxiety goes to their gut and produces looser stools than what they went home with, and/or spitting up. This should clear up in a few days if it is stress related. Your home will be different in many ways.  They will be exposed to different sounds, smells and sights.  We know you are excited and want very much to show off your new baby, but during the first few days, please limit stimulation and company for your new puppy, so they can process and bond and learn all they need to, without distractions.  Remember, too, that puppy will bond to the primary care giver!  Many customers pick up their puppy prior to a weekend so they have two days off of work and can bond with the new puppy.  

Be patient during this time frame and realize that everything is new to your new canine family member.  Let them sleep more, let them be delayed in responding to you, let them eat moist puppy food and soon, they will realize that your home is also their home!  They will wag that little tail of theirs and lick your face and go to sleep under your chin, close to your heart.



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Chihuahuas are little dogs with big ears!  Lovely ears, that should stand at attention and not droop.  Long coat Chihuahuas sometimes have a softer ear tip, weighted down by the heaviness of the coat perhaps, but for whatever reason, here is a helpful hint to help you, help those ears to stand like little soilders at attention!
Blaze’s ears were delayed in coming up.  We did some research and ask around from trusted Chihuahua breeders and show people.  All of them had a favorite method and we tried several suggestions.  But either Blaze, herself, did not like the methods or we felt they were ineffective on her ears.  So, one day my husband suggested we use blue painter’s tape.  Blaze loved it and left it alone.  It was not so sticky that it hurt her when we changed it out.  It was lightweight so as to work and not weigh down the ear.  It took about 3 wks on and off (mostly on) and suddenly Blaze’s ears were standing up 100% of the time and she was happy and we were happy.  Hopefully, your new long coat puppy will have ears that stand up on their own, but if your special puppy have ears that are delayed in standing and you want to assist in the process, try this idea~!  It sure worked for Blaze!

sunshine 0101-spring 019blaze 003Blaze 025

 Great Shampoo for Your Chihuahua!

This shampoo is worth buying.  I use the pink for all puppies (and the lavender for my white dogs).  It smells great and leaves their coat soft and silky!  I can only find it at Ross and Marshall stores and online.  


An Excellent Product for Your Puppy/Adult Chi!

I love this stuff!  GI Synbiotics Granules. My dogs love this stuff!  I sprinkle it over their food.  I buy it from REVIVAL ANIMAL HEALTH (800.786.4751).  You can call and order it via phone or online!  I highly recommend it for your puppy’s first year of life, especially, and thereafter as needed.  The product provides prebiotics and stimulates the growth of good bacteria, while carrying bad bacteria out of the GI tract.  This results in digestive balance and health!

ppp 014

This product is amazing for your long coat Chihuahuas!
I use it on my smooth coats, too, but just a lesser amount.  Just a fast spray over the coat of your Chihuahua and it will leave the coat gleaming and detangled and SOFT.  I even use it on my daughter’s hair!  Excellent product!  I buy mine at the local feed store!  It last a long time.  Just remember to shake it up before use.

Keep your Chihuahua Close with this Carrier!

Jonah, our adult son, carried his Chihuahua, Ringo, all over New Orleans in this carrier.  He gave one to Jeff and now Jeff carries Mia everywhere in the carrier.  Mia and Jeff do yard work together, go to Home Depot together and collect landscaping stones together, all the while, Mia comfortably sits and even sleeps in the carrier!  We have been very pleased with it and Mia seems happy to be “Hanging Out” with her favorite human being on the face of the earth!  My son bought it online.



old computer 064 DSC00107pppp 1891-carrier 009

Max, the black/white long coat male below, is enjoying a brand of carrier called Outward Hound in size Medium.  


Outward Hound Kyjen 21008 PoochPouch Front Carrier For Dogs Easy-Fit Adjustable Dog Carrier, Medium, Grey 
Outward Hound

Thank you, Cathy, (Max’s mama) for this recommendation!


Important Routines in the First 8 Weeks! 

Your puppy will be in our care during the first 8 weeks of his/her life!  We take that very seriously and have a few routines we do with all the puppies under our care!
1. We worm for hookworms and roundworms at 2, 4, 6 and 8 wks of age with a product called Nemex 2.
2. Puppies receive their first puppy shot, a 5-way, between 6-7 wks of age.
3. Each litter is vet checked between 7-8 wks of age.
4. Puppies have routine shampoos/blow dries/toe nail clippings throughout the 8 wks.
5. Pictures are updated at least every 2 wks.
6. After the litter check, we email you the update and then schedule the pick up visit.  We usually send out the invoice at that time with your final payment-due information.  No payment is due until the pick up visit.

Note: We only take PayPal for the deposit payment.  Final payment should be cash unless otherwise agreed upon.

We are only the “Foster Parents” of your new baby girl/baby boy and it is our job to do the best we can to assure that your new puppy comes to your healthy and socialized!