Our outside kennels have a gorgeous view of a dry creekbed and huge trees.  We kid around and say that the dogs have a better view then we do!  My husband and sons built the little prairie cottages.  We even have stain glass in two of them.  All of them boast of tin roofs and the yards are concrete for easy clean up.  The little houses are cozy in the winter and misters keep them cool in the summer! We enjoy the rustic look and barnwood and tin with limestone make for a lovely setting in which to house our dogs.  Each stud has his own “Harem” in his own pen with his own house.  We also have a resting pen for females that are either too young to breed or for females we are resting. All the pens have running water and a perfect balance of shade and sunshine.  Our dogs are daily socialized with adults and children.  When the dogs are not playing with one another or us, they are smelling the roses and barking at a squirrel or roaming white tailed deer!

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We are nestled in the Texas hill Country and the Guadalupe River is just down the road.
We love to landscape and create pockets of beauty on our acreage.  The outside kennels are a place of beauty.  We have mountain laurels and antique roses and an herb bed beside the kennels. During the spring and summer the pale pink rose petals cover the ground and butterflies flitter about. Because we spend so much time with our dogs we have several concrete benches (my husband makes!) in the pens and beside the pens. 

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Butterflies Galore!


One of our favorite family butterflies is the amazing Monarch.  They love the various landscaping plants we have and throughout the years we have enjoyed hatching out the butterflies and watching them take flight off our hands! We also enjoy the Black Swallowtail who lays her eggs on the Rue planted in the garden beside the Chihuahua cottages!  We get to see the caterpillars grow and then turn into a chrysalis, then finally hatch into a gorgeous butterfly!  Nature at her finest!