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These girls are part of our family and breeding program and not for sale.

Introducing COOKIE!!

AKC Registered

47 Champions in a 6 Generation Pedigree

Cookie is a sweet girl and relatively new to our breeding program.  She is a great mom and takes very good care of her babies.  We love her temperament and her adorable apple head and cobby build.  Cookie was born on Valentine’s Day 2014!  What a special girl, with a special birthday!

6.5 lbs

Introducing APPLE !!!!

AKC, Red Long Coat

Parents: Ranger and Star

Apple is a Hill Country Chihuahua gal and we are happy to introduce her into our breeding program.  Apple has an appetite for adventure and if  there is a party, she will be the hostess and social chairman!  Apple likes to know what is going on and if things get too boring, she will quickly remedy the problem!  Apple is constantly happy and we love her very much!

4.8 lbs




Introducing HOPE!!!!

AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines!

23 Champions in a 5-Generation Pedigree

This loving and gentle soul comes to us from Oregon, Te’Acal’s Chihuahuas!  Hope has a very trusting nature and her favorite place to be is in someone’s lap or on a soft blanket!  Hope is our son’s girl and her feet rarely touch the floor!  Hope has a darling way of using her front paws to remind you that her belly rub was paused without her permission and so she will tap you to get it going again.  If necessary she will gentle touch your face with her front paw to let you know she is there and in need of attention or affirmation.  She is a very communicative girl.  We love Hope!

5.5 lbs




Introducing DOLLY !!!!

AKC Registered, Champion Grandsired

Red sable spotted on white long coat

Born and Bred here!  Dolly is a Hill Country Chihuahua Gal!

Abby and Maverick have had some lovely litters through the years and we have kept back Dolly from one of the litters!  Dolly has matured to look much like her father, Maverick.  She is playful and funny and intelligent.  Dolly understands our words just like her mother, Abby.  We look forward to Dolly’s future puppies!

4. 13 lbs




Introducing STAR !!!!

AKC Registered,  Champion Bloodline!

Born and Bred Here!  Star is a Hill Country Chihuahua Gal!

Star is from Sadie and Wyatt’s past litter.  Star is very playful and carefree.  She is  is not nosey or bossy.  She enjoys her circle of friends and makes each day a party!  Star trust everyone and thinks the world is a very happy place!  Just like her mother, she is an excellent nurser and makes rich, rich milk.  Star produces lovely puppies and free whelps them all with no drama!  This girl has captured our hearts and we love her!

6.1 lbs



Introducing ELSA !!!!

AKC Registered, Champion Bloodline!

Born and Bred Here!  Elsa is a Hill Country Chihuahua Gal!!

Elsa is from Kaylee and Wyatt’s past litter.  Elsa has so much love inside her tiny body it is nearly impossible to explain.  She has so many qualities  that make her shine.  Elsa has her father’s coloring and her mother’s giant, expressive eyes.  Elsa has a lovely apple head and pretty face.  This girl is a great mom and pet companion and we value her as a tiny treasure!

5.1 lbs





Introducing MARLO!!!!!

AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines!

There is nothing timid about this lovely chocolate girl!  She is the Welcome Wagon on paws!  She will leap fearlessly onto anyone’s lap and give them kisses as if she loves them dearly and thinks life is grand! 

Marlo is an AKC, champion bloodline, chocolate/white with tan points, long coat! 

6.6 lbs


Introducing “FIONA” !!!

Parents: Maverick and Abby

AKC registered, Champion Bloodlines!

Fiona is a happy girl, always on the move~ she has places to go and people to see!  She is full of life and youthful energy and curiousity!  Abby is her mother and Maverick is her father.  Fiona has a sister from a different litter, Dolly…. and a brother from a different litter, Buddy!  Her coat is amazing and her compact body is much like her proud papa’s!  Welcome to the program, Fiona!  We love you!

5. 1  lbs




Introducing SECRET !!!!

AKC Registered, Champion Bloodlines!

This pretty little girl comes to us from Doubletake Chihuahuas in Corpus Christi!  We think Secret produces the cutest EVER puppies and she has no complications with her births.  She is a great mom to her babies and makes rich milk.   We love Secret’s flashy markings and she passes those on to her offspring in every litter!

4.9 lbs