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How much will my puppy weigh as an adult??????
About 90% of our customers ask us what their selected puppy will weigh as an adult Chihuahua.  Please, understand that we will never guarantee the adult weight of your puppy.  We can only plug in the age and weight of your puppy while he/she is here in our home to a Chihuahua Puppy Weight Chart.  These charts do not even claim accuracy until after the puppy is weaned.  I believe the charts are accurate only a small percentage of the time, however that is all we have to go by.  We have seen large dogs produce tiny dogs and we have seen tiny dogs produce large dogs.  Your puppy will have drawn from generations of genes when it comes into this world.  We have seen tiny puppies, go through unexpected growth spurts only to become larger adults.  We have seen fat, chubby, larger puppies, skip going through a regular growth spurt only to be smaller adult dogs.  Therefore, because integrity is very important to us, we will NOT guarantee the adult weight of your puppy.  We will only tell you what the charts are stating and then we will also tell you that the charts are often wrong.  If you decide that the adult weight of your new Chihuahua puppy is highly significant to you and that you will love him/her less if they become larger than expected or if they become smaller than you expected, then I am not the breeder for you.  I would like to know that my puppies go to homes where they will be loved no matter what size they are as adults.  I try very hard to be completely honest with each customer about the puppy they choose.  But I only have so much control over things…. the rest is beyond my capabilities.  With all this said,  remember that even a “Large” Chihuahua is still smaller than the majority of the canine population.  All are smart, lovable, loyal, exquisite companions with incredible life spans and magical personalities!  But then I guess I am partial….smile.1-pppppp 016

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