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 Annie has been doing SO well!!!  I started training her outside, and she now rarely uses a puppy pad (really only at night).  I take her outside and say “go potty” and she pretty much goes immediately.  She’s rarely having accidents inside – I think she’s a genius 🙂

We are just loving her!  She really is easy-going and fun loving.  She’s very attached to me, but is loving the kids too.  I was expecting more timidity and fragility from the chi breed, but she tolerates new environments and people with no problems.  She is just the best dog!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas…Lauren

Update on Annie!

Her coat has changed even more, so I thought I’d send you some updated pictures of her full coat.  The black came back!  She also has a band of black on her tail, though you can’t see it in the pictures.  She has a beautiful coat… She’s pretty much the best, most beautiful dog ever 🙂








If you’re looking for a Chihuahua, STOP! Look no further!! For many months after my original chi passed away I was so sad and I never thought I would ever own another dog again. Fast forward and I’m currently snuggling my new little chihuahua up on our couch all thanks to Shirley! Let me tell you, Shirley is so incredible. She cares so much about her puppies and is so thorough. She wants them to go to good homes, she wants them to be loved, and she’s there for you for the long haul whether you got your puppy two days ago or two years ago, she’s always be there for you! My little chihuahua Aura is so sweet and i got so many pictures of here while I waited for her to be old enough to come home with me. Shirley constantly emailed me to keep me updated and gave reccomendations of things I needed to collect and good things to know. When it finally came time to pick my baby up, I flew to Texas and Shirley met me at the airport and handed her over. I could tell how sad Shirley was to see her go but so excited to see her puppy go to a loving home. My little chi was so healthy, happy, and I could tell she had been well loved. Everything that Shirley doesn’t up until the point of picking your puppy up is so incredible. She gets them used to everyday noises, people, and things like grooming which made my life and my puppies so much easier! I’ve ha day puppy for several months not and it’s been nothing but love and happiness. I can’t say enough good words about Shirley and I hope that everyone who’s interested in bringing a new puppy into their lives does so with Hill County Chihuahua’s.



Photo by Lindsey Starr Photography

Hi, Shirley!  I hope you all are staying warm during this crazy weather.  ‘Just wanted to keep you posted that Scout is doing great.  She has the friendliest personality – no one is a stranger.  And her adult coat is starting to come in – with Dalmatian-like spots!  They are adorable and we can’t wait to see what she looks like all grown up.  She’s mastered “sit up/sit pretty” and added “wave to me,” “down,” and “scoop” as recognized commands.  Such a bright little thing!  We’re planning on having her spayed at the end of next month (around her six-month birthday) so we should have a weight update for you then.  (It’s still somewhere between “itty” and “bitty.”)

(Scout is from Elsa and Buddy’s past litter!)

Hello Shirley!

My Lacy has turned out to be the most exceptional little girl ever. Her wonderful, sweet personality shines bright all the time. Very smart and loving and healthy. Wants to devote all her time to Daddy. She pretty much runs the household including my kitties. Loves to play with them or snuggle. At first I don’t think the kitties knew what she was, as this tiny little thing that showed up one day. Lacy now weighs about 4.5lbs. She is still small. I feed her a raw diet of Stella & Chewy’s Chicken which has lots of good protein for growing puppies. Her daily objective is to have as much fun as possible. She has a ton of toys. Huge amounts of energy. Everyone that meets her is amazed. She was spayed back in April. I hated to do it but felt it was best. They also pulled out some leftover baby teeth. She loves her home and is very protective of it. She has some dark hair filling in on her back from her Mom Star. Her color has changed over the months. Lacy loves to crawl under the sheets at night and doesn’t make a peep until time to get up. She’s just astounding, She really is. Very precious. She’s made such an impression I find myself having to share her with others frequently. You’ve worked some incredible magic with these little babies. I feel so fortunate to have her. Thank you so much, R

(Lacy’s mother was Star and her father was Ranger)


Dear Shirley,

Everyday I spend a little time lurking on your site to get my Chi fix. The enclosed photo was our 2018 family portrait taken on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As your can see, Teeny Tiny Tucker is Family. The beach chosen by the photographer was designated no-dogs-allowed but we ignored the signs. No Tucker = No Family Portrait.

He has turned in to quiet a little fellow. People are always telling me they had never seen a Chihuahua as calm, smart, trained, and quiet as he. I always give credit to his breeding and recommend your site. He is such a snuggle bunny. Every morning I wake to kisses and then he rolls over for some tummy scratchies. What a nice way to start the day for both of us.

Tucker travels like a champ. I never go anywhere without him. We have a large purse to carry him in to stores and restaurants where dogs aren’t allowed and he has never blown his cover. I thinks he knows when he is in the purse to be especially quiet.

Thank you again and again for your hand in creating the perfect dog for our family.

(Tucker was a past puppy from Katie and Hero’s litter!)

 Hi Shirley, 

Summer has flown by! Dovie is getting bigger every day. She is so spunky and hilarious. She’s super intelligent and is picking up commands very well. Her spots are coming in darker and very beautiful. She looks like a reverse deer! 

She is such a celebrity. I’ve never seen a dog get more compliments on my entire life haha! But my favorite thing of all is how much we love each other. She will sleep with me in my bed and walk happily along beside me wherever I go. I am impressed impressed with her by the day! I’ve included some pictures so you can see how beautiful she is. 

Hope all is well with you and your family! 

Best, C. S. (Dovie is from Elsa and Buddy’s past litter!)



Repeat Customer

Kes at 5 months.  She’s not quite as tall as Hobbs and weighs 2lbs 8 oz., very nice top line, all four feet have white stockings (very evenly marked) and a great gait.  She’s a “high stepper” with ears large and perpetually up with small white tufts of hair sprouting from her ears.  She has never barked but growled loudly at our plumber when he walked toward me to advise he had finished his work.  Apparently, she is my guard dog.  Kes follows Hobbs everywhere.  She and Hobbs run laps together in the backyard everyday no matter how hot or rainy.  She’s a wonderful puppy and becoming a great dog and companion for me.  Thanks again – J A

(Kes is from Secret and Brodie’s past litter )


I hope this email finds you and your family (and chis) well!

Emmett was neutered yesterday and is doing great. But the day without him was certainly lonely. I can’t adequately express how much joy this little guy brings me. His personality shines more and more every day and I can’t imagine life without him now! He’s such a character and has such a mischievous personality! He LOVES meeting new people and gets along great with other dogs.

Thank you for breeding such lovely little chis! I couldn’t have asked for more with this guy.

Warm regards, AE



We are absolutely in love with our little man Astro.  I will attach some photos that you can share.  He continues to be lovable, playful, and overloaded with cuteness.  One of my nursing students painted his Christmas sweater photo, which hangs in my office and makes me smile. He took a 12 hr car trip over Christmas x 2 to Atl and did fantastic!! We want to thank you so much for allowing us to experience such a great puppy!




This little fur ball is just the happiest animal and so loving.

We are having the best time with her.  Her schedule is working perfect and

we hit the vet last Thursday in her carrying case and she passed with

flying colors and the whole office went nuts over her.  

Thanks so much for such a wonderful little girl!!!!

S. D.

Update in December 2018

Merry Christmas Shirley and Family!!!

I just had to write and tell you today which is Tudy’s  first birthday, how

incredibly wonderful my little dog has become in one year.  I don’t know

how I would have made it through the death of Reagan without her.

She has been such a loving comfort and never any trouble thru the

whole sad process.

People go crazy over her beautiful markings and how especially fun she

has become.

I wanted to especially thank you for the breeding you do with the

these dogs.  You take such care!!

So I want to thank you again for my terrific Tudy for she is just such

a blessing to my life now and forever!!!

May God keep you doing what you so graciously do as long as possible.

Your just the BEST!!!  As far as I’m concerned!!

Merry Christmas and keep on doing what you do so well!!! I would have five more of them if I could!!

Big Mistletoe Hugs and Licks,   S.D. and Tudy



Shirley, thank you for breeding such strong and beautiful Chi’s. I love Piper so much!!! I can’t imagine life without her. Your an excellent breeder.


Hi Shirley!

Pancake is doing SO good, I keep pinching myself; it’s like winning the puppy lottery! He hasn’t missed a beat, eating and drinking like a champ, even munching on his kibble (his #2 has stayed firm). He’s super playful and bounces and zooms around, such a happy little fluff. He is sleeping through the night without a peep. Granted, I do have a great little set up for him so if he needs to potty or eat or drink he can, and I have a night light so he can see that I’m near. This set-up is portable and will come with me as needed so he has a consistent safe environment. I’m attaching pictures if any of your inexperienced clients need ideas or a visual (it’s a giant storage tote!). I’m also attaching a pic of his permanent play-pen, it is sectioned into sleep, potty, and play/ eat areas to help him understand the difference.  Frank is absolutely smitten (cat person! “our” cat is his cat). The vet visit went great, he was a huge sensation! The vet gave him a clean bill of health; bonus points for being so darn cute.

I haven’t smiled and laughed this much in what feels like ages, my heart is full again and I feel so so blessed. You are such a dear and I only wish we were closer. He is so well adjusted, bravo to you!

Thank you!!!!!





I’ve taken this little guy out everyday since his last shot.  It’s like walking a movie star and being hounded by paparazzi!  Strangers come and want to take his picture.  There was a young woman, who worked in a boutique I passed as I strolled in Little Italy, who came out of her shop to see Rocco.  She was in tears of sadness and joy because 2 weeks ago she lost her little Chi.  She said, “OMG! You don’t know how much you made my day…it has been so hard getting thru each day since I lost my baby, and yo see this beautiful little face is so comforting”.  
One little girl, about 5 yrs old, kept saying , “oh he’s SOOO cute!”  Then she asked me if his poops were real little since he was little…haha!  And what cracks me up zbout Rocco is that he won’t pee or poop outside (only the one time after the vet appt). We walked and walked and he would not do his business, even after he drank his water. I brought my portable bowl with me even though there are dog bowls all down the street.  I don’t want him drinking out of a public bowl.  As soon as we walked into the house he made a beeline to his peepad and must have peed a gallon…ha!
Someone else told me they were amazed how he fits in so well and does not spook at anything (other dogs, flying planes, foot traffic, etc).  I told them it’s because he was socialized and exposed to normal household noises so even the vacuume doesn’t spook.  In fact when I vacuum he chases it…😊
Have a great holiday.  I’ll send more photos. 🇺🇸💙




Just a quick update on Shelby. Eating and hydrating well. Continues to sleep straight thru without a whimper. I’m an early riser & even though I’m retired my body knows when it’s 4:30am.
Shelby sleeps in my bedroom in her playpen. She is ready to start her day with me at this time. Her personality is beyond words. She is definitely beyond my expectations!!!!!
Have a nice day. Will send a pic soon!!!!

1-DSC02584 1-DSC02545

He is doing great.  His potty training I am well impressed with.  He only had 2 accidents the first day.  I had read that you should put a 6 foot leash on the puppy and take them out after eating, drinking, sleeping.  Stand out there for up to 20 minutes until they go.  I have never stood past 2 minutes.  My problem was finding a harness small enough to fit him.  At petsmart they had a harness to fit either a ferret or rat.  Yes! It fit great.  Before when I trained my dogs, the books I had at that time said not to let them play in the area where they releave themselves, but they failed to tell you how you prevent them from playing.  Having the leash on him prevents him from running all over so he just does his business.

June Bug accepted Teddy right away.  My spoiled Chico was a little slower at accepting him.  I can now carry both dogs on one arm without Chico growling so I think Chico is doing pretty good.

I’ve never had a dog that didn’t whine when you first get them.  Teddy didn’t whine he just fit right it. He’s a happy little dog.  I have to put him in his bed so he’ll nap or I think he would play forever.

You had asked me earlier if he liked the Caesar’s puppy can food.  I bought the one in the purple can and he wolfs it down.  He eats his kibbles well, too.

I took Teddy to the vet Friday to get his shots.  He now weighs 1.6 lbs.  They all went crazy over him.  The vet said he was a very healthy puppy. 

I am using Nutro Moist-n-Chewy Bites as a reward for pottying.  I break off a piece half the size of an English pea.  He loves it.  I’ll send a new picture later.  Right now he is sleeping.

Thanks again so much for Teddy,  Peggy

1-Lilly Bathtime1-Lilly on the way to the Vet1-Lilly watching Harley eat Tomatoes1-Peanut and Lilly1-dsc077351-DSC09539

Hello Shirley,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I’m sorry for not getting you an update on Lilly sooner, (we kept her name ). She is the most precious addition to our family. She is a bundle of energy and loves going outside (supervised, of course). She isn’t quite sure what the turtle is, but she did stand on his back long enough to get a couple of pictures.

She had her monthly check-up with our Vet last Saturday. She is healthy and is weighing in at 2.4 lbs. She is the talk of the Vet’s office, everyone adores her!

We are amazed at how intelligent Lilly is and that she has already settled into a routine. She is using her potty pads and has went to the back door a few times to let us know she wants to go out. We can tell her “Go Potty” and she does her business. She recently found her “voice”. She barks at our older Chi, Peanut, to let her know she wants to play. They are getting along great and Lilly is keeping Peanut active.

Thank you for all that you do! We are truly grateful for Lilly!

I’ve attached a few pictures for you to share.


Shari Lucas and Family


Everything is going so well!! Sage is definitely not a picky eater like our Lulu!! She is eating what Lulu leaves in her bowl along with the food you gave us! And drinking lots of water! She is already so spoiled! The introduction between the two girls went so well! Way better than I expected ! Lulu immediately accepted her. And once I gave them both some diner they played a little. Sage just loves my husband as the ice breaker with them was a little ice cream. Lulu’s favorite after dinner snack. I am just so pleased with her! We are finding more and more of how she and Lulu are so much alike!!

Thank you so much for our precious gift!!

(Sage was adopted as a “Teenager”, not as a young puppy)



Hi Shirley!


She is the most well-adjusted dog I have ever owned!!! You are doing something very right out there 😃👏. I took her, the other day, to visit an old neighbor of mine that I grew up next-door to. She still lives in the same house next to my old house.  She has an older LC Chihuahua. I wore my wrap and put Mikki in it. She was quiet and a little lady the entire time. I even had to go take my Mom grocery shopping during the middle of my visit, and I just wore my wrap with Mikki, and she didn’t make a peep 😳. Of course, I took her out in the middle to let her run around and such, but we were all amazed how quiet and calm she was 😬.


She is such a joy😆. Thank you SO much for letting me adopt her!!! I can’t imagine my life without her 💞.




Liza is doing great!  She just hit two years, and is about 3 1/2 pounds. The vet says that’s going to be her target weight. She’s so sweet and playful and has such a good nature.  




Hi Shirley –

Just figured we’d give you Belle Petit’s 9-month update (previously Bree).

She is just as sweet, loving and quiet as the day we first met her.  (Somehow we’ve only heard her bark once…).  She is highly intelligent and extremely social. 

We can’t thank you enough for how well you prepared her for her future.

She is an absolute dream and we could not be happier!

Thanks again!

(Belle Petit’s parents were Mia and Maverick)


About Ziggy, a puppy from Foxy and Maverick’s past litter:

“I carry him

in a little bag and no one 

notices he’s there because he is very laid

back. He loves to go out 

and will do about 10 figure 8’s. He is very very 

gentle with kids and old 

people. When he wants

something he never barks, he just makes a tiny “eep” and then I have

to quess what he wants.

He is very smart too.”


Hi Shirley! It’s soo hard to believe we’ve had Mr. Emmitt (AKA Sheriff) in our lives for almost two and half months!! It’s even harder to believe he will be 20 weeks on Sunday! His hair hair is growing more and more each day! He is such a healthy and happy little boy!!! He loves his bones, food, toys, and he enjoys watching TV. He also enjoys giving his older sisters and brother a hard time (keeps them on their toes). We cannot imagine life without him! We hope all is well for you and your family!!



Shirley!  Here’s a photo of Cate keeping warm on her electric blanket.  She also loves to wear clothes!  I can’t tell you how much we treasure this little girl.  She has the BEST temperament, snuggles with me and is so relaxed with our daughters.  She’s a dream.  Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.  Text from Michelle C.  (Cate is from Wyatt and Sadie’s past breeding)



 Repeat Customers

We feed him his Cesar’s puppy food and you were right, he couldn’t resist. He slept the entire way home. As soon as we arrived elimination occurred. He has not had any troubles with elimination of which is pleasing to us. He is on a regular feeding, elimination, playing and sleeping schedule already and he is busy exploring his new home. We have mirrored closet doors so he is busy barking at himself and trying to figure that out.

He loves being carried. He prances around the house but for his protection/safety, if we are busy walking the house, we place him in the pen so that we don’t step on him and he is okay with it so long as he can see us.

He is resilient and he has transitioned very well already.

We’ve decided not to allow him to walk outside in his backyard at all until he completes all his shots even though we believe his backyard to be safe, we just want to take added precautions.

He is just so adorable. He has the cutest bark. We just love him so much.

Thank you so much for our little blessing!

~Shirley A.  (Iggy is from Blaze and Maverick’s past puppies!)


Hello Shirley,

I hope this email finds you and your family well.

Sheba had a Vet visit on Thursday, 1/19/17 and no concerns were noted. She received a clean bill of health. She weighed in at 2 pounds. She really hasn’t grown much. The staff went crazy over her. We dressed her and Iggy in red and the staff went paparazzi on them taking pictures.

Iggy weighed in at 3 ½ pounds and the Vet was shocked because he doesn’t look like he weighs that much. We told the doctor that he is all muscle and she agreed. I think Iggy has had his last growth spurt. He is still short but he is muscular. This baby boy is a handsome boy. And, he is still tiny!

Iggy and Sheba are finally getting along and Iggy has become protective of Sheba. Sheba hugs Iggy every morning when he wakes up. She possesses way more energy than Iggy. Sometimes, she runs and runs and runs around the house like she is hopped up on sugar. She is so comical. Since, she is younger, she can outrun Iggy and I think he knows it, so he kind of gives up and lets her have the last lap.

By the way, all the dresses we bought Sheba fit her. They are so cute; most of them have petti coats.

Sheba is finally catching on to the training pad. Other than her taking her time adjusting to the training pad, her transition has gone very smoothly. Sheba is super gorgeous!!! Well, maybe we are just bias…hee…hee. She loves kissing. She also loves to nibble on your fingers and toes…ouch (that’s when we give her the chicken stick chew treat). We bought them some doggie blueberry cookies and Sheba absolutely loves them.

Izzy asked me the other day, “How did we get to be so blessed to end up with two beautiful babies”?

Our two babies bring us joy daily. They are the perfect match for each other. The good LORD designed them especially for us!

Thank you for the joy that you bring to people’s lives!!!

Blessings, S.A.


Hi Shirley!Pixie has been amazing; I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dog. I love her so so much. First day here she was already toilet trained and she had no problem eating her dry food or her nutrical (I give her some wet food though too sometimes as a treat). She’s been very playful since day 1 as well, and absolutely loves the mini pink tennis balls I got her. It’s the cutest thing in the world when she sees them rolling and she starts hopping around like a bunny around the ball trying to decide if she wants to approach it or not each time.When I study she will either come sleep by my feet or she will sit next to them looking up at me till I pick her up to sleep in my lap.  She’s a bit shy about walking through doorways on her own so I have to call her over every time there’s a doorway. I also started teaching her tricks and she very quickly learnt sit and down but i’m trying to only teach at-most 1 a day so she can really get used to each one before I teach her another. 
She had a couple nights where she kept crying in the middle of the night (she cries by howling and it’s incredibly cute) because she was in her playpen by my bed so she couldn’t see me, but I fixed that by letting her sleep in a little make-shift bed that I placed on the corner of my bed that’s surrounded by walls on both sides (she can’t jump  out of the makeshift bed so its safe there). Once she was up there next to me, she didn’t cry at all at night and she slept very well. She also doesn’t cry too much when I have to leave for class anymore which is great too. Ill send some more pictures and videos later when I get the chance. I havent really started her wardrobe yet but I’ve been surfing the web for some clothes since yesterday haha. 

From Felicity!

judy 026



1-ooooo 032

1-jjjj 018

Shirley,  this note is far past due and I am sorry, but I want to thank you, your babies and Jeff.  I have two of the most wonderful Chihuahuas in the world.  Mejo means the world to me and he got me through the death and grieving of my Cujo.  He is so much a part of me now that I’m not sure I would survive without him beside me.  He is SOOOOO spoiled…rotten.  That’s ok though, wouldn’t have him any other way.  Such a sweetheart.  Iluq is my shy baby boy.  He is a mamas boy, and I love it.  Such a sensitive soul, but all heart and love.
You will never understand what these two dogs mean to me and what they have done for me emotionally.  They are the other children I never had, and I prefer them cuz they don’t talk back!!😉
Just haven’t talked to you in a while but wanted you to know you are in my thoughts often and lovingly.  Thank you again for all you and Jeff did for me.  I will never forget it.  Wishing you and the family the best!

From Judith, in Alaska!

Repeat Customer

1-pppp 013-001


 Here is a picture of our 3 yr old Tati, from your kennel. She is out of Abby and Maverick. Isn’t she beautiful?  She had my heart from the moment I saw her baby picture but has now stolen my husband’s heart too. Thank you so much for my baby!  From Lynda



  Hi Shirley,

Hope all is well. We are enjoying our little Lily so much! She is eating well, drinking and using her pee pads. Her stools have been great too.
The snuggle safe heat pad works well. It is very hard and gets pretty hot so we put it under her bed and it actually warms through to her. By morning it’s still warm.
We had her first vet check today, she passed with flying colors! We go back in a few weeks for her vaccine. I have attached a copy of the invoice for your records.
Thank you so much for our beautiful precious little girl. We are so blessed we found you and her. Thank you for the wonderful caring breeder that you are. You put the puppies best interest first and make sure they are a good fit for the home they are going to. We were truly touched by how knowledgeable, thorough and updated you kept us during the whole adoption process. Thank you, Shirley!
(Lily is from Sierra and Wyatt’s past litter!)






Howdy Shirley,


Pooh went to the vet today. He had a VERY thorough exam (heart, lungs, ears, eyes, teeth, bones, joints (particularly patella’s), perfect stool (no parasites), etc.) and passed without a single ‘alert’.


Both the vet, and the tech, were amazed that he was only  just over 3 months old! They observed how very obedient he was with us,  and totally docile with them, letting them do whatever they wanted.

The only time he reacted to anything was when the ‘needle’ hit him, and he jumped. They clipped his nails (instructional for us) with absolutely no fighting or squirming. She also noticed that his testicles had already ‘dropped’. I didn’t think that happened until 6-8 months? Told her I was ‘planning’ on ‘neutering’ at 6 months, to see what she would say. She thought that would be OK, so no problem. He weighed-in at 2.7#. That’s about a 1.2# gain in just over a month. The vet said he was about ‘twice the size’ she remembers from the first time we brought him in. Not an ounce of ‘fat’ on him either.

Besides being ‘cute as can be’, everything else about him won everyone over at the hospital, and they all look forward to seeing him again.

Guess I don’t need to tell you how happy I/we are to have gotten this ‘little guy’

We couldn’t have asked for more! I can see that we are ‘painting our masterpiece’, as planned.

Hope all is well with you, yours, and your new pups.

Doc and Maria Marx  (Pooh-Boy is from Ella and Hero’s past puppies!)


Hi Shirley! Yes, we are doing well and looking forward to the holidays!  Liza is doing great!  She’s still so tiny.  Wasn’t quite 4 pounds the last time we weighed her.  I guess she’s still in her “blowout” period, but we think she must be  “above average” in beauty because she never had an awkward stage!  She’s a little sweetheart, so cuddly and mild natured.  ~Jessica and family  (Liza is from Blaze and Maverick’s past puppies!)





Hi Shirley,
Good to hear from you. Kodi is doing wonderfully well. He is in a nice happy routine now. He bring so much joy to my life. He is so hard not to exceedingly spoil as he is just so well behaved and precious. Here are a couple photos from this week for you. 
Pray that you and your family are well, -David
(Kodi is from Mia and Toby’s past puppies)





I’m sure you hear this from many people, but when I get a text from you, a phone call, etc, my day just seems to go better.  I do feel blessed to know you!  MJ looks exactly like my little Cubby! (My soldiers took a vote, and decided they liked the name Cubby, rather than Ava).  She is a tad smaller than MJ, but otherwise they could be the same dog.  We are all fine.  I send you a big hug, and Cubby sends you a big lick on your face! 

Joey and Cubby, Dr. Mary Marin

(MJ and Jackson are laying on the sofa and Cubby is above in Mary’s lap.  Both Cubby and MJ have the same mom)


IMG_708212922349_10156656561830507_2107678983_oppppp 1451-FullSizeRender-008


Thinking of you and wanted to send you some pics of Jax! This guy is the best listener and Alpha dog of the house.  He sits on command and dances for treats! He lets the kids haul him around, dress him up and play chase. He LOVES kids, which thrills me. Socially, he is really coming around but is certainly our protector. He is so tiny and full of personality! We just adore this little guy! KC  (JAX is from Foxy and Wyatt’s past puppies!)


We absolutely adore our little  “KALLIE”—- she has gone from “Sara” to “Sugar” to “Angel” and finally “Kallie”—no more changes.  Kallie fits her perfectly.

She loves her “playpen apartment”– Bedroom: tiny pink crate w/pink blankets;   Dining Room: crystal water bowl, crystal food bowl;  Bathroom: potty pad; and
her Play yard with all her toys. !!!!! 

Kallie and Karol have bonded and are a perfect match.

Her vet made pictures of her on a red blanket a couple of days ago–he wants to use her picture in his office waiting room—she posed perfectly!!!   I will be sending you one of those pictures as soon as I get it.

All in all we could not be more pleased and again “thank you” so much for our precious Kallie.

Blessings to you and your family.

Janice and Karol  (Kallie is from Mia and Maverick’s past puppies!)

past puppies 1221-IMG_27661-FullSizeRender-021

Boscoe is quiet the supermodel.  We are so enjoying getting to know him.  He is very curious, feisty and loves with all his heart.  He has his last puppy shot visit next week.  Thank you again!  My husband is ready for another Chi pup.  He has fallen in love with your babies.  Jaime and Chad  (Boscoe is from Sadie and Wyatt’s past puppies!)

February 2017 Update from Jaime and family:  


I just have to tell you how much I love Boscoe and how much I appreciate you raising such amazing pups! This morning I rolled over to find Boscoe sleeping facing me on my pillow like a human. As my alarm went off, he opened his eyes and looked at me with such love. He waited to see if it was really time to get up as we do snuggle sometimes before we get out of bed. He is such a playful dog but loves to take walks and snuggle. He will  bump whoever is in his way with his behind to get where he wants. Yet he also has a patient side at times. I have never been so in love with a dog before (although I do miss my past dogs); Boscoe has completely stolen my heart.

Thank you for all you do,

Jaime Garcia

Boscoe turns 2 years old!

 I love the collage. My favorite picture is when you put him in my arms for the first time and he gave me kisses. It was love at first sight. God sent this little package to you to become my baby. I was so depressed after losing my two pups within a year of each other and I just kept looking at Boscoe’s pics and wondering why no one had placed him on hold. I now know why… he was meant for me. He is everything you could ask for in a dog. He is a faithful companion to each of us. He is funny, spunky and head strong. He snores and has a routine that he does not venture from. But he is my angel pie. I will never have words to express how much he means to our family and it all started with Hill Country Chihuahuas. Thank you!

Jaime Garcia


1-Kaylee's girl 006


I am sending pictures of Molly (Toula) to your email address. I wish they were better pictures. She is a beautiful Chihuahua! People tell me all the time how beautiful she is. Oh and a sweet and loving disposition. We love her so much.   ~Cindy~ (Toula is from Kaylee and Maverick’s past puppies!)

IMAG056210863531_10152535887933616_1155797372_nWe love Star to death. We love her personality. She also is very smart. She would sit with us to watch TV. She barks at TV every times when she see any kind of animal on TV. She loves Hollywood Chihuahua movie. She watched the move by herself. She will tell me what she needs. She actual can communicate with me when she needs to go out, let me know when the water ran out or she wants her treat. She will get upset if she didn’t get what she want. Ha ha. We are most lucky family to have her in our life. She also loves camera. She knows that I am taking pictures of her.  Thank you for her!  Jane (Star is from Abby and Sunny Daze’s past puppies!)

1-IMG_28541-patio 028

Last vet check he weighed about 4 pounds. My vet says he will stop growing by about 6 months. He’s the perfect size for us. Any tinier and we would have to be so so careful.
We will be traveling to New Mexico for Christmas so I will make sure and send you some great Christmas photos.
He’s just such an amazing little boy. He loves to snuggle. Likes to be carried where he can look over my shoulder like a baby. Such a sweet personality. And he loves to give kisses! Just so sweet.
Glad you enjoyed the photos.
Take care 🙂
From Lindsay about Boston (From Ella and Hero’s past puppies!)

1-img_04441-puppies 039

Hi Shirley,

I cannot believe it has been a year!  A lot has changed for Truffles and I – we moved from the country.  I bought a house next door to my older brother and I am only two miles from my younger brother.  She loves it here and she is crazy about my family. She weighed exactly 7 lbs. on her year checkup and the vet said she was very healthy and in good shape.

She is my love – and she is spoiled rotten!  She is beautiful and healthy.  I was walking with her at the walk park the other day and this man offered me a $1,000 for her – I just smiled and said there is no amount of money for this dog.  The picture where she is on my chest is what she does when I want read and she wants to play – She makes me laugh all the time.  She has such a sweet yet mischievous personality – I can always tell when she is doing something she is not supposed to because she looks at me at puts her paw up like leave me alone – lol.  She is a joy.  Hope you and your family are well.  Have a wonderful holiday season.


(Truffles is from Hero and Katie’s past puppies)

1-puppies 0071-puppies 001-0011-IMG_0962

I will send some tonight.  When I saw pictures of Ava last night, her face looked like my Muffin.  Muffin is a delight.  She is very loving and very smart.  When I talk to her she cocks her head like she understands everything I say. She has us wrapped around her paws.

She is excellent with peeing on her “potty” or outside, but we still have to work on pooping.  

Her coat is darkening….she looks like the inside of a Butterfinger candy bar on her back and back legs.  Her face has a lot of white and she still has a beautiful white collar.  I have also seen a fawn spot on her hip…just one.  She seems to have a bit more hair on her ears and tail, but is still in the blowout stage.   I noticed this morning that her frame has squared up a bit in front and she looks more like an adult than a puppy from the front.

She will be 20 weeks tomorrow.   She has been 2.8 lbs until this am when she weighed 3 lbs (48oz).

From Bea F. (Muffin is from Kaylee and Wyatt’s past puppies!)

1-20160609_104434Diego 031

Hi Shirley! Diego is growing by leaps and bounds😃 Currently he weighs 2.2 lbs. Our vet Dr Jeannie, fell in love with him and 2 of the vet techs took pics of him! He has now trained my 8 year old pug to play and Frankie has trained Diego to take a nap once. We have to be careful of having loose paper around as he loves tearing it up! Besides the 10 toys he has, he loves teething on hands😂. My son and I are besotted with love 💘 I am not the in a while. He has a healthy appetite and we photographer as you are, you are marvelous!! But here are a couple of pics. He moves sooo fast!! Shirley, your home is my idea of heaven on earth. I never found such a beautiful, peaceful, and spiritual home in my life. Just being there was like a hug😃 Thank you for your website as I reference it for any questions and will reach out to you for any additional questions. Have a blessed day Shirley!!    From Ruth

“Thanks so much. Your chihuahua’s are beautiful and I can tell they come from a loving family… Thanks for making people happy.  We need that especially with this crazy world we live in.”

(Diego is from Abby and Wyatt’s past litter!)

1-past puppies 051IMG_0861


Repeat Customers

Jean and I are so happy with Poky. Her vet check went great. The staff loved her.

Our older dogs are slowly coming around or at least keeping their space. It will get better.

Poky is so beautiful with her color, small head, and short legs. Her hair is so soft just like Jean was hoping.

We will send photos and keep you informed.

Thanks for making us so happy.

Michael   (Poky is from Sadie and Wyatt’s past litter!)1-FullSizeRender-020



(The below email was about Diego, the above male adult that was placed in this customer’s home.  His photos are above!)


Time does indeed fly.  Diego is still bringing joy to my life every day.  He is just the sweetest  young man, a bit grumpy on some days—but when I give him the space to work it out, he is the man of the house again.  He continues to adjust well and he and Reba are peas in a pod.  He adjusts well when my sisters bring in their dogs and is usually the one right behind them when they go outside.  He still sits on his back legs and lifts his paws to be picked up.  I do put him in a crate when I leave the house. 


I can’t imagine my life without him and remain thankful for your kindness.  Blessings to you and your family as we enter this season of joy.  I will send you pics from my phone


 “He was so good going home yesterday.  He had dinner in the car.  Peed twice on the pad and slept most of the way home.  Last night gave him a bit more since I had no way of measuring his wet food.  PUt him to bed at eleven.  He got me up at 1:30 am.  Had peed and pooped on the pad and just put him back in bed and covered him up.  He slept till 6:00 am.  Fed him this morning with NutriCal.  He ate like a champ.  Pooped and peed.  Nice and firm.  He is a hoot!  Chases his tail, and plays in his pen with all his toys.  Is very vocal this am.  We are enjoying every bit of him.  Howling, barking and just all over the pen.  Have introduced him to our other dog.  JoDee was quite friendly and his tail was going a mile a minute!  Thank you so much.  I am being a protective mom!  No visitors for now!”
From Suzette, about her new baby boy, Fabian!  (This little boy is from Ella and Hero’s past puppies!)IMG_2587

“He is doing really well as he is now pouncing on the other dogs and playing with them well and has plenty of toys to play with and I got him a doggie bed that he carries around the house.  He growls at himself when he sees his reflection in my closet door mirrors.  It’s really cute to watch!  He got his second round of shots and he did really well and first week of April he’ll get his next round and then he’ll need his rabies and he’ll be fully vaccinated.  He is so curious and really interested in toys and the other dogs and he found a spot to sleep where htere is a pillow as the other day I wondered where he went and there he was all curled up on the pillow.  He sleeps well through the night and eats well.  He has been peeing and pooping well and is just a great addition to the family!”
From Brad, about his new boy, Charlie!IMG_1466

1-Charlie 008

Update on Charlie.

He’s doing really good and really smart.  He is barking at the door now and I finally got him to use the doggie door.  When he does his business now in the house it’s by the door so he’s getting there!

He is very curious and love to chew on sticks and rocks.  He has plenty of toys to chew on but he really prefers the natural ones! 

He loves it outside and when I’m in my computer room on the computer he gets in his kennel and sleeps there.  I have a really nice kennel mat and a fleece blanket he really likes.  In fact it’s so cozy that Bella one of my other dogs will get in thee with Charlie and sleep.

I will have to take more pix as Charlie has lots of brown spots on his head and back so he is white spotted they are light brown and just his face is so cute and he is very affectionate! 

I don’t understand it but it must be a Chihuahua thing but he and Bella both like sleeping on top of the sofa behind my neck. 

He is a wonderful dog and I’m glad it worked out for me to get him as he has totally enriched my life especially having to put Pepper down a few weeks ago!   From Brad  (Charlie is from Sadie and Wyatt’s past puppies!)

Boscoe 002-001

I finally got him to be still. Had to send you this shot of his sweet face. I could not ask for a better dog. He has brought joy to my heart that you will never know. He was truly meant for me and we have a bond like no other. He is on a great routine and every night like clockwork at 8:30 he puts himself to bed by crawling into his bed by himself. He loves everyone but when I’m home he won’t leave me. Thank you so much for raising such amazing fur babies. I am forever grateful for my Boscoe.

Jaime Garcia  (Boscoe is from Sadie and Wyatt’s past puppies!)


Repeat Customers

Hi Shirley,
Its the extremely happy and blessed women who own Chulito!  One year ago today this gorgeous little one was born just for us!  Today marks one full year of joy. 
Thanks again,
Sylvia  (Chulito is from Mia and Maverick’s past litter!)









image1-pppp-01812442875_10205826571125526_1219876463_n 1-image1-0031-image2-001 1-12038403_10205307972280879_5341018900316463839_n

Shirley, I wanted to write and tell you how thrilled we are with Max. He is just an adorable little guy. I really appreciate how very helpful you were all through this whole process. It was so obvious to both my husband and I how very knowledgeable you are about the breed and how much you love all of your dogs. Max was very healthy, but he was on the smaller side and you told us you would feel more comfortable if he stayed with you a little longer. I really appreciated you putting Max first and keeping him a little longer. In addition to Max having perfect breed conformation, he has the best temperament. That is definitely attributable to how sweet his mom and dad are. I could not recommend you any higher. You have made this a wonderful experience and given us the best Christmas gift ever!

Thanks so much Shirley!
Cathy  (Max was from Honey and Maverick’s past litter!)


So nice to hear from you.  He is doing great.  We actually named Davey Blaze (hope you don’t mind) and it fits him perfectly.  He is a super spunky puppy.  We absolutely love him!  From Diana L. (Davey Blaze is the black/white LC in the picture below)  (Davey is from Abby and Maverick’s past litter!)



Hey Shirley!

 Romeo is doing great. 😃 He had his blowout and is now growing in his silky coat. He is very smart and extremely energized all of the time.  He is a sweetheart. I get compliments as well when I take him places. You did such a good job raising him to 8 weeks! Here are some pictures. I hope that all is well with y’all and your pupps! 🌼💙



Yes, can you believe he’s 10? I can’t, he acts like a little teenager yes, Daddy gives him a shave due to the heat here in FL. but you are correct he’s black and fawn with some “gray hairs”. Here are few other pictures of Neeko and his sister Tight Squueze which we recused 3 yrs ago.
From Tascha


Dear Shirley,

Just so you know, my daughter Kayla and I think about you often and look at pictures on your website monthly (if not more often).  We cherish our little angel, Haddy Mae (formerly Glory Bee). She is so dainty-looking with long legs and flowing white hair, but she is a true tomboy who loves to play in the rain and get dirty!  Like her father, she does not walk, she struts (or prances, as we call it) and she is a champion sock-stealer. She has a rescue Pomeranian as her playmate at my daughter’s apartment.

I’m attaching two photos, one from the day we got her from you (we met at Hobby Lobby since it was sooo hot that August day) and one from earlier this year after she got a little haircut. She is lying down (on command) in this photo and she also sits, shakes and gives high-fives. She weighs just under 5 pounds and is in excellent health!

 Some day we dream of raising another HC Chihuahua…until then, we’ll just look at your pictures on the website.


Connie and Kayla Rubio


Hi Shirley! Things are still fabulous with Peyton. She is amazing and lots of fun! She is eating well and using the puppy pad consistently. She loves to nap on Caitlin’s shoulder or by my side. She loves her tummy rubbed and lots of attention. She makes my heart sing when I come home and she is so excited to see me. I love her to the moon and back! Thank you!  (Peyton is from Mia and Maverick’s past litter!)
Love, Thetiscustomers 027-001



Hi Shirley. I’ve attached a photo of the champion of all dogs, Panda, who was adopted by my elderly friend, J V. Sadly, Joyce passed away a few weeks ago. However, Panda and Joyce had a lovely, bonded, relationship. Panda and I stayed with Joyce when she was in hospice care. Panda would check on Joyce and gave great comfort to everyone- Joyce, me, the healthcare providers and even the family of other people at the hospice. Honestly, families were coming by Joyce’s room and asking if Panda could come and visit. She was a natural! Therapy dog supreme. That little dog brought so much light and joy to everyone. Precious. Panda has made a gentle and happy transition in her new life without Joyce. I love her and will always cherish her. Truly remarkable dog.

Best wishes, MKS