Here are “Our Boys” and these are not for sale, but apart of our family and breeding program!

                                                                                       maverick 2 010


Introducing Champion Sired Maverick!

AKC registered, Champion Sired with 8 champions in a 5-generation pedigree!

Maverick is our “Go To” stud around here.  He is very goal oriented and gets the job done in record time!  He makes teddy bear faced puppies with lovely colors and friendly temperaments.  We cannot say enough good things about Maverick!  He is “The Man”!

4.11 lbs




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Introducing “BUDDY”, our Texas Legend!

Buddy is AKC, Champion Grandsired and has 10 champions in his 5-generation pedigree!

Buddy was bred and born here at Hill Country Chihuahuas!
Buddy is from Abby and Maverick’s past breeding.  He is a tiny Texan and since growing does not appear to be in his plans at this time, we are assuming he will remain a smaller size Chihuahua.
Abby and Maverick repeatedly produce amazing offspring and we hope Buddy will carry on with his parent’s tradition and sire some lovely litters with his own signature.  Buddy has a very loving and playful, happy-go-lucky outlook on life and never has a bad day!

2.8 lbs

dogs 003 - Copy dogs 004

Introducing Wyatt!!!

AKC registered, Wyatt has 21 champions in his 5-generation pedigree!  

His father is from the Guichon line of show dogs.  Wyatt is a very friendly little guy and does well with humans of all ages.  He is on the smaller side and his adult coat is coming in nicely.  He is a very sweet, affectionate little boy!  His joy in life is to lick your face, a million times!

Wyatt’s father CHONCHO has 11 AKC Championship points and 1 Major.

Wyatt’s grandfather, CHONCHO’s sire is MULTI-CH Guichon’s Rock Your World “Rocky”, he has 9 Titles!

Rocky, (Wyatt’s grandfather) is an:
American, Italian, Luxembourg, Russian, Byelorussian, Finnish, Czech, Ukraine & Int’l Champion, Group Winner in Italy, Group 2nd in Luxembourg & Ukraine, 1 CC in San Marino Republic

4.8 lbs





Introducing BRODIE!!!!

AKC, Champion Sired, 36 champions in his 5-generation pedigree!   

As a teen we lived on a street called Brodie Lane in Austin, Texas.  What fond memories I have of my time there.  Riding horses, swimming in a dry creek when it rained hard enough, picking pecans from the tall trees and running away from angry Brahma bulls when we got too close to their stomping grounds!  Cousins, baseball, summer movies, walking barefoot…. Brodie Lane was a country rode in the 70’s and those were some of my happiest memories!  This new stud of ours we named after that wonderful lane, BRODIE!  He has the perpetual puppy-look!  He has numerous champions in him and such a sweet disposition!  At 3.25 lbs  full grown, Mr. Brodie is the perfect shape, size and temperament for a Chihuahua!  We hope his breeding career here will produce many more little Brodies to share with our customers!  

3.25 lbs




Introducing RANGER!!!

AKC Grand Champion Sired!


What a coat!  Look at that tail!  Ranger is full of love and sweetness!  He is such a people focused doggie and loves nothing better than to be in your lap for the whole day long.  His little apple head is perfect and his eyes are huge and expressive.  Ranger is new to our home and program and we are thankful to Donna Reid for sending him to our family.  He is very precious and handsome!  We love you, Ranger!!!!  

4. 11 lbs

Ranger has many champion names in his pedigree such as: Ka-Lynn’s Dazzles, Schroeder’s, Lamars, Fandango, Davishall and O Pag’s.  Both his father and his grandfather are Grand Champions. 



Introducing “HERO” !!!!

Hero is a cobby build smooth coat male with many champions in his bloodlines, including international champions.  Hero is conditional AKC, so his litters will be registered with CKC.

Hero is champion sired