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On occasion we have adult dogs available.  When we do, they will be posted below with their photos and information.  We also have an adult dog mailing list.  If you would like to be added to that mailing list, just ask!  Thank you! 


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August  2019

Tadpole is ON HOLD!  Thank you, Teri! Repeat customer

Because Little Tadpole is a “teenager” and not technically and “Adult” we have him listed on our puppy page, along with his stats!  Check out his information there!


 Hill Country Chihuahuas will occasionally have teen, young adult, and older adult Chihuahuas for sale at reduced prices.  All these dogs will be vet checked prior to leaving and any health concerns will be disclosed to customers.  Sometimes we are willing to offer these young adults with full registration to a small hobby breeder.  Sometimes the females are already spayed and a pet home is their destination.  Because our males are working studs, if we have a male available, house training will be the responsibility of the new family.  All our adults will go home with all their shots in place and their shot records and rabies certificate and tag.  We will be able to relay to you our observations of their temperament and their behavior with humans and with other dogs.  However, once you relocate your new Chi to your home and your environment, they may portray new behaviors we had not seen while they lived here.  The dynamics of your home will be different than our home.  Relocation stress in adult dogs can take 3-4 weeks or longer.  Containment is a priority so that your new adult Chihuahua does not run away and get lost.  We personally adopt adult dogs on a routine basis and we have seen bonding happen at very deep levels with adult Chihuahuas.  It is not true that you can only bond with a Chihuahua puppy.  This breed is in love with humans and since adopting a puppy may be too big a responsibility for some people, choosing to adopt an adult Chihuahua is a more attractive option.  So, take a look at what we have available from time to time and if he/she tugs at your heart strings, don’t hesitate to contact us!  Thank you!


“My sister and family are coming this weekend. Reese will get to meet everybody. We couldn’t love her any more!!!  She has such a fun personality.  She runs up the Chihuahua ramp to the bed and wiggles and burrows wagging the entire time. We play and scratch her belly. If we leave she starts yipping real high until we come back. Then she wags and we play some more. I will have to take her temporary apartment fence down for the company but she’s getting really good about her housebreaking. She races to the extra bedroom pee pads and then comes running to me for her praise. I think she’s figuring it out so we might not have to put her fence back up after they leave. Maybe it will be her New Years resolution 😀 we are thankful each day for her and Miss Kitty is so happy to have a buddy again. God bless u and your family in this next year”


We do advise customers seeking an adult dog adoption to research the process as adopting an adult dog is vastly different than adopting a puppy.  Chihuahuas have their own temperament and adapting to their new home can take time and patience on the part of the new family.   Unfortunately, we are not set up to take back adult dogs if the new owners feel it is not working out the way they had planned.  If the new owners feel it best to rehome the adult dog, it is their responsibility to find a loving, responsible home for the dog.   As with any adult dog adoption, love, structure, patience and training is invaluable for a smooth transition.