Hill Country Chihuahuas

Established in 2004, Hill Country Chihuahuas has been placing quality Chihuahua puppies in homes throughout the United States and Canada for 14 years now.  We send our puppies home vet checked, with their first 5-Way puppy shot, routine wormings at 2,4,6 and 8 wks of age.  Our puppies are allowed to go home at 8-9 wks, unless, due to smaller size, they must remain here longer.  Our dogs are AKC registered and we are inspected by AKC.  We are also licensed and inspected by the state of Texas.  Our dogs are vet checked annually and are current on all their shots.  We breed for conformation, health and temperament.  We have long coats and smooth coats.  Occasionally we have young adults and sometimes retired older adult dogs that we place in pet homes at a reduced price.  We may also have adults, at times, that we are willing to place in a small hobby breeder home. The dogs are vet checked and in good health when they are placed.  One of our goals is a good match.  I joke and say we are not “Harmony.com” but in many ways, we are.  It is important for us to find a good “fit” between customer and puppy.  It is my hope that a Chihuahua will grace your life, for life is just too short to spend one moment without a Chihuahua in it!

(The photo to the right was in October 2015 at our son’s wedding!)

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Contact us at:
Cell: 830-556-6049
Home: 830-609-9104

Texas Licensed Breeder
License Number: 138
Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations
P.O. Box 12157
Austin, TX 78711


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Dedication to the Breed

When we began our journey with this amazing breed, we had no idea how intelligent and loyal and entertaining they were.  The Chihuahua is not a “Working Dog”.  It is a “Companion Dog” and it’s human owner, is its job!  Their eyes are upon us, their ears are attentive to our voice and their favorite place to be is in our lap and near our hearts.  They are easy to train and love pleasing their human family.  Our lives have been enriched by their presence!

Hill Country Sights

   Living in this lovely location has many perks, one being the wild life around us.  We are surrounded by white tail deer and wild turkey and we even boast of a white squirrel that stuns us with his beauty.  It is a rare day that we are not aware of nature’s elegance and style. Dog breeding reminds us of the fact that life is fragile and full of surprises along the way.  We are always learning and always awed in the process.


Our White Squirrel

Here is a photo of our “Famous White Squirrel”.  He/she is not really “Ours” but the neighborhood shares it!  We get glimpses of him from time to time and he is very much alive and well, no matter that he stands out like a beacon of light to any hovering hawks or sly foxes.  We are happy that he has taken up residence in our location and count it an honor to provide him a pond for fresh water and a few Chihuahuas to keep him honest!