Hill Country Chihuahuas has AKC Champion Bloodlines, Smooth Coat and Long Coat Chihuahuas!

Established in 2004 we are located in the scenic hill country of Texas between Austin and San Antonio!


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Enjoy viewing our collection of the world’s smallest dog breed, the lovely Chihuahua!

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as my dog already thinks I am.”






Welcome to Hill Country Chihuahuas!

Only Chihuahuas!  Texas Born and Texas Bred!



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Updated: 10/26/2016  


Cookie has delivered three females!  This litter was born 10-18!  Coat length will be determined on this litter when they are 3-4 wks of age!

(It is possible we may be keeping back one of Cookie’s puppies.)

All of Katie’s puppies are now on hold!  Updated photos of Katie’s puppies (10-24-16)!  They love the camera and the camera loves them!

Mia is breeding now and her litter will be due mid December.  Maverick will be the sire of her litter.  Elsa has already bred and her litter will be due Dec. 11-16 th.  Tucker is the sire of her litter and so both of these mentioned litters could contain smooth coats.  Secret is a lovely new girl here and she has also bred.  So, our December litters, at this time, will hopefully contain numerous smooth coat puppies for those waiting for a precious smooth coat!


Blaze’s two long coat puppies are both on hold!  Lucy is on hold for Cathy H. and family and Desi is on hold for Shirley A. and family!  Thank you!  Photos are updated today! 10-17!

 Flowers is due November 10-16!!! (All long coat, AKC litter)!

Misty bred with Ranger and is due the end of October into early November!  (All long coat, AKC litter)!

More information on due dates of other females will be posted as pregnancies are confirmed!

 We are constantly adding pictures and information to this website.  We hope it is meaningful to you as you visit each page.  Owning a Chihuahua is a very rewarding experience!  We celebrate this precious breed and are thankful for each of them that come into our lives!

We are working on our Vet Recommendation page!  If you love your vet, send me his/her contact information!  And if you do not yet have a vet, check out this page and perhaps there is a vet in your area listed on this page!  


“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”
Mother Teresa

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We live near the Guadalupe River and the tiny, historic town of Gruene, Texas.  Gruene is a lovely little remnant of a German town, that boast of one of the oldest dance halls in the USA.  Movies have been filmed there from time to time and the Grist Mill Restaurant is a great place to eat.  Stop by and visit Gruene, before you come to pick up your new puppy and make a day of it!  We are only about 5 min. from Gruene.



We are current on our AKC inspection/passed and our state inspection/passed!
A note to our customers:
If you are seeking a TINY Chihuahua, please read over our entire page titled, “How Much will my Puppy Weigh?”.  It explains it all there and it is important that you understand that we cannot guarantee adult weight on any of our puppies.  Thank you!

Remember you can also view pictures on our Hill Country Chihuahuas facebook page!  Please, “LIKE” us while you are there!

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Texas Licensed Breeder
License Number: 138
Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations
P.O. Box 12157
Austin, TX 78711

Contact us at:
830-556-6049 Cell
830-609-9104 Home

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